June 8, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Air India flies to its origin

Tour of Air India after a turbulent 90 years. Founded as Tata Airlines in the 1930s – renamed in the 1940s and nationalized in the 1950s – now privatized. The winner of the auction is none other than the Tata Group, a growing multinational company today. After the efforts of 2001 and 2017, the third privatization, but 100%. The increase in the amount of its debt did not allow the delay, according to the Indian government: “it was sold, or it was closed.”

Tata was practically enough to offer one rupee more than its rival SpiceJet. That’s a quarter of the company’s 7,000 million euros – about 1,750 million – and 300 million in cash.


The parent company received $ 28 million for the hijacking and is now paying $ 180,000 to recover it

Twenty years ago, Tata already tried to get 40% of Air India out of the hands of Singapore Airlines, which eventually created Vistara, now Air Asia merges with India, with another alliance focused. Low cost . These brands, along with Air India, will allow Tata to surpass the market share of its rival Indigo and build the economy.

Air India has over 900 seats in airports around the world, some of which are very pleasant. A carpet replacement with 141 aircraft is required. It has a talented but overstaffed staff and sometimes believes it is more important than the passengers it serves.

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In the past, India has combined Third World security with a very dedicated service in its flag carrier. While smoking on board, first-class passengers also carried gray trays that were apparently designed by Dolly. Some believe that the strong hotel culture of the Tata Group, which owns the Taj, will revive part of that exotic heritage.

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Recently, at Air India, no class has avoided delays and crashes. Therefore, Indians avoid as much as they can. And foreign dominance in flights to India is immense.


Tata has started flying again with Vistara and Air Asia, now with 43% of its market share

Air India was dominant until 20 years ago, when liberalization opened the door to private Indian airlines, coupled with the boom in domestic tourism. But many of these disappeared at the same speed as they entered the radars. From Jet Airways to Air Deccan via Sahara or Kingfisher.

The latter, despite the inflow of loans from public banks by President Vijay Mallya, went bankrupt, showing that Air India alone – to an unstoppable extent – has paid extraordinary blood to taxpayers.

In 2007, the company’s domestic airlines merged with the Indian Airlines, Air India brand. Later Air India Express was developed for low cost flights and low benefits. The latter will be wholly owned by Tata, while the state will hold 50% of the package segment.

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Passenger Arrival at El Broad Airport, Barcelona - Photo by Ana Jimenez

Welcome back, Air IndiaRatan Tata, Emeritus Chairman of the Group, said in a rare tweet today. His predecessor JRT Tata, a pilot like him, was its founder. The Government of India appointed both as heads of the nationalized company in the 1980s.

Happy ending to the Tata family. In fact the first partner in the group does not have that surname, while being a fellow Parsi. Despite being as diverse as automotive, hospitality, information technology and blast furnaces, the recovery of Air India was a thorn in the side. To do this, they have pulled all the strings permitted by their business ethics, which stand out in the Indian context. Nonetheless, ten unions condemned privatization, raising concerns about 14,000 jobs, untouchables in the first year. To hear the applause of a successful landing, it still takes a lot of investment and less professionalism.

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