June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Ahmednagar, India | 11 patients die in fire at Govt-19 ward of Indian hospital NNDC | The world

Eleven patients died on Saturday in a fire that broke out in the Govt-19 ward of a hospital in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, police said.

There were 17 patients in the city ward Ahmednagar Police Inspector Jyoti Karkade said the fire started from there. He said the condition of the remaining six was stable.

Once the fire was brought under control, the cause was not immediately known. Authorities said an investigation would be conducted.

Former Prime Minister of the State, Devendra Fatnavis, Expressed his condolences on Twitter and called for “severe action” against those responsible.

These incidents are not uncommon in India. In May, when the country was battling a catastrophic uprising in lawsuits Corona virus, A room fire COVID-19 In the west India At least 18 patients were killed.

Poor maintenance and lack of proper firefighting equipment often lead to fatalities in India.

Source: A.P.

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