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After years of frustration, Pokémon Go Fest has regained the magic

After years of frustration, Pokémon Go Fest has regained the magic

Ultra Beasts are standing in a grass garden, and in front of them is a Pikachu gamboll.

picture: Niantic

It was also dated in Kotakumy trip to Pokemon GO was one of that Started 2 years ago in The happiness caused by lockdownand then go down slowly inside disappointment after, after disappointment. However, this weekend, despite what it seems Best Efforts NianticFinally, I tested Pokemon GO At its best ever: a fun day out with a bunch of cool people, chasing the illustrious and working together to get things done.

Last Saturday marked the conclusion of the 2022 finals Pokemon GO The festival, during which the deadly story of Professor Willow’s disappearance was finally resolved, and at last we were able to capture the long-promised Ultra monsters, Veromosa, Pozzol, Xurkitree and Nihilego, as well as the ultimate prize for the Shaymin Sky-Form. But for the first time in my experience, it wasn’t just me and my son playing. It has changed everything.

My main sticking point with the recent unwanted changes in Niantic POGObehind her Determined to ignore Covid advice This limit the enthusiasm, is the company’s puzzling belief that if they do this Makes it difficult to join eventsSomehow, more people will end up playing together. This Saturday, however, there was no such absurdity in place. Instead, the festival’s closing event ran from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a new set of quests and raids every two hours. So, as has become the norm for such in-game events, Toby – now seven – has blasted off to the local park, where there are a bunch of gyms and layovers to tackle challenges more easily.

The Band is the best place. Three gyms on hand at once, plus it’s our only place Ever I’ve seen anyone else play, even if it’s just for a lightning, slightly awkward mutual nod to admit. Toby had his swimming lesson at 11:30 so we thought we’d finish the first part of the errands and then inevitably after the break he decided he didn’t want to play anymore and I’m going to leave trying to finish the challenges at home like the big sad guy I’m at many times. Except something else happened. Standing beside the band was a circle of humans, all holding phones, all holding hands and looking down.

As we were walking down the hill, instead of a protective shutdown, they looked up, and noticed that our phone was elongated in this distinct way. POGO Players, we called more! Three adults, three children, many Pokemon shirts; We made eight. They were the cutest of the bunch, a couple with their 10-year-old, and a mother with her 9- and 13-year-olds. We were immediately invited to catch Pheromosa, and for the first time in two years of playing this silly game, I experienced a real, real, and personal raid.

My new group of friends are standing in the park and playing Pokemon GO in a circle.

picture: Kotaku

This isn’t out of a desire to try, but instead a result of what Niantic can’t accept: 2016 isn’t the year any more, and there aren’t groups of eager gamers swarming around every gym. full POGO In my career, I’ve had to use apps like Poke Genie to be able to do any five-star raid, which means I’ve mysteriously picked up Legends from countries all over the world, but not from down the road from my home.

We chatted far away, exchanged Pokemon Experience stories, Toby whipped up his cover full of his favorite TCG cards, and it was the most time-appropriate of all. But it was time to go swimming, and so – after swapping friend codes – we said goodbye to our trans friends.

Determined to try to keep it on Pokemon GO Trace a little longer after the lesson, because yeah, obviously, I’m the one who wants to play it more now than him, I suggested we walk away from the house to get some lunch. At 1.45pm, with Machop still missing from the challenge of collecting the second section, I made him mock the remaining ice cream and set out to catch the blue Blighter who refused to appear inside the restaurant. He was right outside, but the third part of the day was about to begin, new Pokemon to catch and, most importantly, the risk of an electric fire from Xurkitree to catch. I suggested we walk again through the park, just in case.

And they were all! Our gang! They’ve since moved on, but they’ve also returned to the bandstand, and once again we were warmly invited to join them. It turns out that the two families had met at the same location a few months ago, even though they both live in other cities in opposite directions from our small town. They were all thirsty Pokemon Fans, the couple have been since the beginnings in the late ’90s, the other mom picked him up when her kids did, along with her partner, and then quickly became the most obsessive member of the family. It is somewhat familiar. Cough.

As the tasks approached, we all completed it as a group, working together to help each other out. When Toby found the hundo Swirlix, everyone rushed to try and catch her, including what turned out to be else Players who were nearby quietly. When that grumpy (one) other helmeted guy told us we needed to walk a kilometer and hatch an egg, we set out in two groups for a tour of the park. There was friendly ribbing, cheerful banter, and even some deep and purposeful chatting between the adults.

Three kids are walking around the park, talking and playing Pokemon GO.

picture: Kotaku

We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon, until about 5.30, with these wonderful folks, and I’m happy to report that we’ve switched numbers, and plan to meet up on future community days and events. It’s golden Pokemon GO An experience I’ve only heard about previously, often in the comments below other POGO Articles I wrote, from nostalgia, lament long-term players. I finally encountered it myself.

I better understand why Niantic is so focused on this. While the billion-dollar company is primarily driven by making huge sums of money, its rhetoric is almost entirely shrouded in desperation to re-harness the runaway genie of 2016. It will irritate and isolate the entire planet of gamers, by making bone-obvious bad decisions. Shattered, just because she puts the idea in her head, will make people find society again. The company has halved the length of its community days this year, simply because it thought it meant people were more likely to meet each other if the time limit was set. The obvious fact is that it just means that more people aren’t able to join in, and chances are you’ll encounter someone when they’re there no one Other things don’t get better if you make sharing more annoying.

However, on Saturday, at one of the game’s biggest events of the year, I experienced it. I understand why people who lived through the heyday of the game would so much want to see it happen again. It makes a huge difference, and I imagine most people (like me) have never played the game beforeever known. I can’t wait to meet them all again, come next chance, and play the game as intended.

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