April 2, 2023

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After Uber WhatsApp integration in Lucknow and NCR, many cities in India should follow suit

Uber has introduced WhatsApp integration in its services, but this feature is currently only available to customers in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Now eliminating the need to download Uber Processor, anyone can pre-book Uber directly through WhatsApp.

We know that WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in India and has over 48 million monthly active users. Uber seems to understand this, and now, instead of trying to get people to their use, they have found where they already are. However, this does not mean that the Uber application will disappear, it is an additional service that will attract more visitors.

Starting this week, this new feature will allow people to book their Uber rides through the Uber WhatsApp Chatpot. Users can manage everything from their WhatsApp chat to user registration, travel booking, travel receipt.

This service is Uber’s first integration into all global markets currently in operation. Lucknow is the first city in India to use this service. Next to Lucknow, New Delhi will be the second largest city. Uber hopes to launch its latest integration nationwide next year.

WhatsApp integration will help Uber in Tier II and Tier III cities in India, where people are already comfortable using WhatsApp and can count on downloading another app on their smartphones.

How does it work?

WhatsApp users can book an Uber ride in three simple ways:

  • Send ‘Hello’ text message to +91 7292000002 on WhatApp
  • Click on WhatsApp: Here (Mobile Phone Only)
  • Scan the QR code below
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They will be asked to provide pick-up and drop-off seats. Customers will receive advance information about the fare and the expected time of the driver’s arrival.

Additionally, riders on this service who book rides directly through the Uber App will receive the same safety features and insurance coverage. WhatsApp users will receive all the information through the messages such as the name of the booked driver and the driver’s license plate. Additionally, users can track the driver’s location on the way to the pick-up point and talk to the driver anonymously using the mask number.

All security guides are provided to users in the WhatsApp chat stream. They will guide you on how to get Uber in an emergency (write help during the trip). Additionally, customers can receive a direct call from Uber’s customer service team if they choose “Emergency” during the trip. Additionally, riders can access security line numbers to call the Uber team if needed. You can contact these lines up to 30 minutes after the trip.

When this new service is fully operational there will be no change in the Uber driver site. No change for trips booked through WhatsApp.

Booking a trip through WhatsApp is now only available in English. However, with the availability of this service in many cities across the country, Uber will expand to Indian languages. Finally, this service is only available to new and existing users who have registered with Uber with a phone number.