June 4, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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AFA is expanding its business operations to India

It is no secret that there is one in South Asia Great hysteria over Argentina And especially by Lionel Messi. In its policy of opening up to major Asian markets and Already has a strong presence in China, Now AFA goes further and further He opened his network for his fans in India.

Thanks for all this AFA came up with Agreement with India on Track, a sports marketing company (indiaontrack.in). In this new adventure you “Digital content, business and official products of choice“Aimed at the Indian people.

Claudio Tobias, The head of the AFA, commented: “We are very happy with this project and have high expectations. Over the years we have seen everything that the Argentine national team is creating for the Indian people, and we know the potential that exists in that market.. The experience gained in China allows football to take this new step to open up a highly emerging strategic market. The National Team and the Professional League will now officially operate in India, which will undoubtedly generate new revenue for the AFA. Argentine football should travel this expansion path around the world, which is an important step in that direction.

as said Ledentro PetersonViamonte, Business and Marketing Manager, AFA, launches digital growth “Strategic market“Where are the Indian fans today “They will have local content to feel close to their idols“, They are doing in other markets like China.

AFA Networks for India: