March 24, 2023

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A young man from India left Ukraine with his pet; Viral story

Undoubtedly many consider them Pets One more member of their family and they sometimes do not leave them alone Complicated by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Arya Aldrin, 20, from India, firmly believed that she should not leave Ukraine. Otherwise, with her was the Siberian husky dog ​​Cyra.

BBC Mentions that the story of Arya and Zaira became known after them The photo of the teen traveling in a bus with her pet heading to the Roman border has gone viral. The young woman came to Ukraine to study medicine.

“I’m a medical student, taught to save lives without discrimination. Leaving her is not like helping anyone,” she said.

Zira is a five-month-old dog, who had to travel a lot Thousands of km from Ukraine to Kerala in southern India.

Arya began her studies in 2020 at the Byrokov Memorial National Medical University in Finnish, Ukraine. After living in this country for almost a year, One of her friends gave her Zira in December 2021, at which time the puppy was a few months old.

Arya and Zaira immediately formed a strong bond so the dog refused to eat until its owner came home from school. The lives of two It changed from one moment to the next when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began.

“No matter what happens, I can not leave Zira,” said the young woman.

Friends advised Arya to leave Jaira in the shelter or with someone she trusts. But she does not agree, she will not leave the pet alone.

“I knew no one else would love her and be a pet like me.”

After the crisis, Arya was able to get her pet passport and vaccination documentsAs well as a microchip, all in one day with the help of pets and authorities suitable for pets.

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It was on February 26 that Arya and Zaira left the city where they lived with a group of friends. Even if they leave on the bus, The driver left them as there was a long queue of vehicles 20 kilometers from the Romanian border.

Everything was complicated for them, even though there was little food, the water was not packed; Arya was menstruating and Zaira started to relax after all the walk. Faced with this situation the young woman decided to carry her 16kg pet.

“When I picked her up, she leaned on my shoulder like a baby,” he said, carrying Zira for about 12 kilometers.

When they reached the border they had to wait for several hours because when they opened the doors they were pushed and Zira was kicked. When it was his turn to cross, The group of students pushed her and she thought she could not do it, however, Arya did it thanks to an army soldierGranian who saw her with Zira.

“I can not describe the relief I felt when we crossed.”

When he was in Romania, Arya had to go to two shelters where they fed him and Zaira Finally boarding a flight arranged by the Indian government and several hours later, the two arrived in Delhi.

Arya and Zaira flew to Kochi on another flight where he was greeted by several journalists. Who knows They I learned his story and everything that happened with his dog leaving Ukraine.

“Actually, I’m feeling a little jealous now. Zira wants to spend more time with my mom than I do.”


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