March 25, 2023

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A woman in India pretends to be a man for 36 years to take care of her daughter

An Indian S. Pechiyammal, a 57-year-old woman, said she had been pretending to be a man for 36 years to raise her only daughter without a doubt. After her sudden death the woman was forced to pretend to be her husband.

In a press conference The New Indian Express Pechiyammal has described being a man who has been educating his daughter for 36 years and raising her as a single mother. The 57-year-old woman recalled that her husband died 15 days after the wedding and when she was 20 years old. At the time, she was pregnant and expecting a baby girl. Pechiyammal does not want to remarry, but caring for her daughter Shanmugasundari as a single mother is not an easy decision by the community in which she lives.

He decided to pass himself off as a man because he was constantly persecuted

After working in a building, hotel or tea shop and being subjected to constant sexual harassment and harassment by colleagues, Pechiyammal decided to pass himself off as a man.

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Charlotte Bisbee Masses

The woman said The New Indian Express One day he decided to go to the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple, put on a shirt, lungi, cut his hair and named it Muthu. Similarly, the woman has decided to move to another city and live in Katunayakkanpatti, hiding the fact that she is a woman from the whole town. Only close relatives and daughter who are at home know the true incident.

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The teacher encourages his high school students

Since his daughter is married to Shanmugasundari, Pechiyammal no longer needs to look after her. However, the woman does not want to change her clothes because she says that posing as a man guarantees a safe life for her daughter. So, he has decided to be a pearl forever.

No house, no savings, no widow certificate

Currently the woman is in trouble. “I have no house or savings. I can not apply for a widow’s certificate,” he said, adding that he could not continue to work in the businesses he had worked for because of his age. So, in the interview The New Indian Express The woman has asked the government to make a concession to suit her case.