February 6, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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A well-kept secret: an extraordinary experience that allows you to travel to India without leaving the city of Córdoba

CORDOBA.- From the outside, the front of the house says nothing. Inside, inside Certain nightsIt becomes a “Palace” of India. has smellsThe FlavorsThe Colors Allowing you to travel thousands of kilometers without giving up Cordova. host Louis LibrettiA graduate in painting and teacher of plastic arts, graduated from the National University of Córdoba (UNC), he studied set design at the Teatro Colon.

Until nine years ago, he dedicated his life to exhibitions, fashion production and setting up restaurants and nightclubs in Córdoba. “He was ‘weird’ because he did weird things., I have always tried to engage the viewer through all the senses. Not everyone has the same opinion”, Libretti told LA NACION.

Libretti sets up his home in India like a “palace”.

Emphasize that India, in that aspect, “activates all the senses”. It means being in the country “duality” Between the luxury of the palaces and the abject poverty of a large part of the population. Ever since he began studying libretti art, he has always felt drawn to the country.

“One Fusion between Turkish and Arabic style and Oriental from Japan and China -Reviews-. I have always loved embellished and India reflects that line.

During frequent visits to New York, Libretti frequented an Indian restaurant where he befriended the waiters, chef and owner. “They let me into the kitchen, they gave me spices, and I wanted to cook,” he says. In Córdoba, he studied international cuisine, and later, Traveled to North India.

Libretti has always admired Indian style and in his project he brings together colours, flavors and aromas.
Libretti has always admired Indian style and in his project he brings together colours, flavors and aromas.

Ranjith, Your local guide takes you on a tour Street food stalls, restaurants he looked up in guidebooks and even some parties. In the middle of that tour, Ranjith also ate and learned some recipes at his family home: “This is real food, food made daily. His mother taught me and invited me with the food they prepared to entertain me Evening”.

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Back from the trip, “Happy” to India, he decided to celebrate his birthday with those tastes, smells and colors. He set up his house and impressed his friends so much that he asked nine of them to throw similar parties. “People who came to the meetings later invited me to organize other similar ones. Indian experiences began to spread”, reviews.

The proposal is a minimum of six and a maximum of ten.
The proposal is a minimum of six and a maximum of ten.

In the midst of this whirlwind, a brain tumor was diagnosed, requiring surgery and leaving him with some physical disabilities. “After a few months I could no longer keep calm and decided to do something; Thus was born the idea of ​​A Restaurant in my house But it was more than food, it was a calling Spend a night in IndiaSums it up.

The address is not known until the booking is confirmed. The minimum group size is six and the maximum is ten. Apart from eating – four starters, two main courses and two desserts – they do quite a bit Basic RitualsLike a traditional offering to Buddha.

Libretti chooses to cook typical dishes. Samosas (variety of empanadas stuffed with vegetables); Palak Paneer (spinach cream with cheese like feta); Tikka (chicken with curd and spices); Raita (cucumbers or carrots with natural yogurt); dal dal; Italian breads (boiled rice flour and dal flour) and Malaysia (Chicken with coconut milk, pineapple and masala).

Tastes and smells of India at home in Cordovan.
Tastes and smells of India at home in Cordovan.

After dinner, for dessert, Libretti opts for some lighter versions of traditional Indian dishes. For example, passion fruit cream with mango mix and grated coconut or steamed seasonal fruit, rose syrup and ginger mascarpone. The menu includes a bottle of wine and two pitchers of ginger lemonade for every six people.

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“I cook less spicy because, the first few times, people didn’t tolerate it and left a lot of food, which is a shame”, he warns. Served on tableware brought from India and another of his own making.

Tableware from India and made by Libretti.
Tableware from India and made by Libretti.

He underlines that Rituals Between meals he does, which are simple and traditional, such as the “cleansing of the four organs” done before eating; that of Salutations to the BuddhaFlowers and sweets for them and the Diwali (It is, in the Hindu calendar, the festival of lights). “It’s not a dinner, it’s an experience. It plays with the senses and escapes to India for a few hours.”Map.