March 21, 2023

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A Tesla Model Y car caught fire in Canada, the driver fled after smashing the window

It took firefighters about five minutes to completely put out the flames. n

The Tesla owner in Canada said he was driving a 2021 Y on Friday, when the car alerted him of an error, turned it off, locked the doors inside and began pouring thick smoke from the vents.

To get out of the car, the owner had no choice but to break the car window.

The owner, Jamil Gotha, was on his way to a golf course in North Vancouver, British Columbia, when the accident occurred, he said. Leadershipan online automotive magazine based in Toronto.

A witness recorded the accident and posted a video of it on YouTube.

It took firefighters about five minutes to completely put out the flames.

Here is a video of the incident:

“The doors will not open,” Mr. Guetta was quoted as saying. CTV News, a Canadian news organization. He added that the windows refused to go down. “Of course, there will always be panic the moment you feel trapped. I climbed out the window and called 911 immediately,” said Mr. Guetta.

According to him, Mr. Jota bought the car only eight months ago Electrica website that covers stories about the electric car market.

While the electronic versions are the primary means of operating the doors on a Tesla car, they do not operate in the event of a power outage. Each door also has a manual release in plain sight.

Electrek’s report added that it’s often a problem for people unfamiliar with cars because they use the manual version rather than the electronic version, which allows frameless door windows to drop before the door is opened, ensuring a safer opening.

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