April 2, 2023

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A report condemns discrimination against minority refugees in India

EFE / EPA / Jagadish NV

New Delhi, Dec 24 (EFE) – The Think Tank Rights and Risk Analysis Group (RRAG) has condemned in its annual report that India, which welcomes more than 20,000 refugees by 2021, is pursuing a pro-refugee policy for refugees of various religious minorities.
“There is no accurate data on the number of refugees, but there are about 400,000 refugees in India, of which 238,222 are documented (…) recognized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR),” explains the RRAG. Suhas Sakma, in a statement with the annual report.
In addition to these refugees, there are 31,313 religious minority refugees in India, mostly from Sri Lanka and Tibet, and about 123,000 refugees from unregistered Sin and Rohingya ethnic groups, Sakma continued.
In the face of this exodus, the report condemns the absence of a refugee law in India, saying the situation of these thousands of people depends on the geopolitical interests of the country and the decisions taken to obtain a large number of refugee votes. .
In this sense, the New Delhi-based RRAG, India is not committed to its actions and supports Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka and Tibet, while at the same time not compromising with others, especially the Rohingya.
In this regard, they cite an initiative approved by the Southern Regional Government of Tamil Nadu in August, which provided more than $ 4 million in assistance, especially to Sri Lankan and Tibetan refugees.
This is in contrast to the 414 illegal entry arrests by India in 2021, mainly from Burma, including 354 Rohingya and 60 Chinese.
Most of these arrests were made in 174 states of Jammu and Kashmir, 96 in Delhi and 55 in Assam.
The investigation reveals that the situation of Rohingyas, especially in Rohingya, has deteriorated in recent years as at least 1,177 Rohingya refugees have been detained or rescued from human trafficking in India over the past five years.
Contradictions in the law
The RRAG release also said that the epidemic exposed the seams of the Indian organization as about 56% of Rohingya refugees lost their jobs during that period, making it impossible for many to be vaccinated due to the need for official documentation for vaccination. Process.
In addition, it condemns India’s reluctance to grant asylum to refugees fleeing the war, as happened to the Sikh and Hindu minorities in Afghanistan after the capture of Kabul by the Taliban.
In this regard, the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), designed to protect asylum seekers from minority communities affected by persecution in the South Asian country, did not enter India before 2015, the date established by that Act.

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