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A New York City couple claims to have found a dead rat floating in their soup

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March 15, 2023 | 11:49 p.m

A New York City couple claims to have found a dead rodent in a soup they ordered from a popular Koreatown restaurant over the weekend. Restaurant dismisses this claim as “nonsense”.

Published by Eunice Lucero Lee A series of photos and videos of what appears to be a dead black rat floating in the soup she said she and her husband delivered Saturday from Gammeeok in Manhattan.

“We ordered sogogi gukbap, which is a kind of savory Korean beef stew,” Lucero-Lee said. NewsBreak said via email.

The Post has contacted Lucero Lee, Hearst’s senior editor, for comment.

I reported a lawsuit was filed against the restaurant, which is also in the Fort Lee, NJ location.

“After seeking legal advice, my husband and I now feel free to share something that happened to us over the weekend,” Lucero-Lee wrote this week on Instagram.

“We ordered entree from a famous restaurant called Gammeeok in K-Town and found the most disgusting thing in our food.”

She continued, “We have been going to this restaurant for a decade now and we are proud to be supportive of Asian cuisine and culture. This incident is in no way to stoke hatred or prejudice based on race, and I will take issue with anyone using these posts to fit this narrative.”

Lucero told me the couple share their claims to “raise awareness and hopefully make sure the right people are held accountable.”

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The couple claims to have filed a lawsuit against Gammeeok.
eunichiban / Instagram

She also stated that she had contacted the New York City Health Department. on its websitethe agency indicates a “C” rating for the Manhattan location.

An inspection conducted on January 18 revealed several alleged hygiene violations, including a food contact surface that had not been properly washed, rinsed, and sanitized after each use; Food, supplies and equipment are not protected from a potential source of contamination.

The Post has reached out to the Ministry of Health and Gammeeok for comment.

in a group of Instagram posts WedThe restaurant said the couple’s claims were “nonsensical”.

“We operate 24 hours a day, and there are at least 3 or 4 people in the kitchen at all times,” the restaurant wrote. “As you can see in the video, it doesn’t make sense for a rat to avoid people and enter a pot over a hot fire.”

Gamiuk added, “When we moved the soup, we served it four times with a ladle while the staff watched it with their eyes. If there was a mouse this big, there is no way I wouldn’t lose it. There is also a video recording of the recording process. We checked the whole process of making the soup, but we couldn’t Find any problems.”

The restaurant claims the couple Wrote a review on Yelp Six years ago about finding a “big bug” in takeaway soup.

“It is a rare experience for most people in their entire lives,” Gammeeok wrote. “They removed the review now. Why?”

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