February 8, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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A new strain of monkey fever has been discovered in India

Amid global alarm over the exponential rise in cases of so-called monkeypox; It even led to countries like AmericaThe country with the highest number of infected patients in the current wave imposed a health emergency in its regions this Monday, New information about the virus will require world authorities to put an even bigger magnifying glass in front of the situation.

Precisely, one of these pieces of information comes from Asia, where health authorities IndiaAmid advanced analysis of patients registered for the virus there, it has been confirmed that some of them have been found to be suffering from a ”disease.Different strain of the diseaseIt is beginning to be considered a new variant of monkey fever.

At this time, the variant, named A.2, has been reported in two patients from that country. The disease was diagnosed After a recent initial outing United Arab States.

According to international media, the 31- and 35-year-old patients contracted the disease in a different way from contact in the middle of sexual intercourse, warning that during their trip, they were not close to people who were considered infected. disease

After the new discovery, Indian experts alerted their counterparts in other countries that the new variant could be related. Viral mutationjoined hMPXV-1A lineage.

Therefore, according to experts at the Indian Council of Research, the detection of the virus in these individuals may have no connection with the outbreak that originated in Europe last May, finding that these cases belonged to different strains, more precisely, one known as B1According to local authorities.

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Now, according to international media, it is expected that the scientific community may be informed after the discovery of a new variant of the disease, which is planned to be published in an article. Research Square.

In this sense, experts are still carrying out related studies, trying to determine if this new variant responds to different modes of infection, and if it represents a greater risk, if it is identified as “highly infectious”. “Contrast. The current crisis from May, rather than the one that started in the United Kingdom.

In the case of the variant widely circulated in the world, it was known as the B1, and resembles the same one that will be in circulation from 2021 in areas such as Thailand.

In India’s case, the disease, which has already left its first death in the region, has completed nine cases, a low number compared to the total. 26 thousand detectedAccording to the most recent report, worldwide.

In recent days, WHO, World Health OrganizationIt had announced through its Director General Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, A global health emergency could strengthen measures to counter the spread of the disease in various countries that have presented cases.

In the case United States, latest health emergency declarationIt authorizes the federal government to rapidly allocate resources to address the situation resulting from the spread of the virus.