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A neo-Nazi protest outside the show’s Broadway premiere

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Neo-Nazi protest outside processionFirst preview performance on Broadway

Members of the far-right neo-Nazi movement harassed theatergoers in line at the Jacobs Theater on Tuesday night. processionresponse producers.

Michaela Diamond and Ben Platt at the New York City Center Gala Presentation procession
Joanne Marcus

on February 21, as patrons lined up for the premiere preview performance of the Broadway revival procession– A musical about the true story of the false denunciation and murder of a Jewish man named Leo Frank in 1915 – Members of the far-right neo-Nazi movement protest outside the Jacobs Theatre. Individuals carried signs with handwritten hate speech, shouted at theatergoers and attempted to give out antisemitic fliers to those lining up to see the show.

It was a satirical display of anti-Semitism given that procession The musical is an indictment of hate. procession, a musical written by Jason Robert Brown and Alfred Urey, chronicles the life and tragic death of Frank, a Jewish factory manager living in Georgia in the early 1900s. He was falsely convicted of killing 13-year-old factory worker Mary Phagan. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. But Frank is then murdered by an angry white mob. After Frank’s death, it is revealed that Phagan was murdered by Jim Conley, another factory worker. Frank has since been exonerated.

The far-right white supremacist group, known as the “National Socialist Movement”, protested the show on the grounds of denouncing Frank’s innocence. Their posts also described their opposition to the Anti-Defamation League, a nonprofit civil rights group that helps victims of anti-Semitic allegations. The League was founded over a century ago in response to Frank’s murder.

She also mentioned leaflets distributed by neo-Nazis a streaming platform from another anti-Semitic group, Joyem Defense Association. That group has been in the news recently related to the offender Anti-Semitic shootings in Los Angeles last week —who has since been charged with hate crimes.

When requesting a statement, the procession The producers told Playbill: “If there is any doubt left about the urgency of telling this story at this moment in history, the atrocity on display tonight should put it to rest.”

video Shared on Twitter by The Forward editor Jake Wasserman, originally shot by Madeleine Blossom, the scene appears outside the Jacobs Theater earlier this evening. video and others Likes In the photo, neo-Nazis are shown holding large banners describing Frank as a pedophile, and shouting anti-Semitic and racist slurs. Police were called in to prevent protesters from harassing audience members attending the show.

members procession The cast watched the disturbing show from their dressing room windows. One of the show’s flops, Prentiss E. Mouton, posted to his Instagram story: “Are you really doing the real work of an artist if you’re not…[ing] Neo-Nazi protested? If I wasn’t proud enough to be a part of this production, it’s cemented today.”

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