March 30, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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A Muslim man was beaten to death in India for allegedly possessing beef

A Indian of religion Muslim He was killed by a mob in the Indian state of Bihar Accused of beef smugglingA sacred animal for Hinduism.

The victim was Nasib Qureshi, who was robbed by dozens of people at Rasulpur in Sarba district. armed with sticks and sharp weaponsAccording to Indian press.

Police, who have already arrested three suspects, have confirmed that investigations are underway to identify those responsible for the attack.

Seven children

“Nasib was a worker. He had Six daughters and one son. One of them is unmarried and should be given a government job. The culprits must be punished,” Ashraf Qureshi, a relative of the victim, said in a statement to the Clarion India news website. A nephew of the victim, who was with him during the attack, condemned the first attempt by the police to deal with what happened as an “accident”.

In recent years, the majority of mass killings have targeted mostly Muslim victims Consumption and transportation of beef. So-called “cow vigilantes” identify and attack victims, usually Muslims, to protect Hinduism’s sacred animal symbol.

Indian authorities have no official statistics murdersBut they happen often. They are practices that are part of the unregulated collective justice of the country crowd They start around the accused. The atmosphere is tense until Throw the first punch. Victims are usually crushed, beaten and killed by mobs who view them as criminals.