June 2, 2023

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A man cuts out his tongue as an offering to a deity in India

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A A farmer in India was left in critical condition after cutting off his tongue to make a sacrifice at a Hindu temple on Sunday.The police point out that it is causing concern among local authorities after several similar situations in the country.

The act of the 40-year-old man caused panic among people who thronged the famous temple in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday.

The man, with his wife, Before he took the razor, cut off the tongue, and placed it at the temple door, they would have performed a ritualsaid police officer Abhilash Tiwari.

The man was taken to hospital, at the same time His wife told the police that her husband had “sacrificed” his tongue to appease a deity, Tiwari said.

The Self-mutilation and even human sacrifice remain a problem in IndiaA large section of the population has superstitions.

Last year, at least two incidents were reported in two Indian states. Two men under the age of 20 cut out their tongues and sacrificed them to God.

In 2020, a Hindu priest decapitated a farmer and offered his head as a sacrifice, saying he had dreamed that a deity told him to do so.

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