January 28, 2022

Great Indian Mutiny

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A former florist is India’s new film sensation and his film will represent the country at the Oscars சினிமா | Entertainment

Critics describe the film as a “masterpiece” and “exciting introduction … it’s inspiring, visceral and powerful.”


Bombay (AFP) .- In the bustling Indian market, a child was surprised to see flowers being sold by cinematographers on large cranes during filming. Two decades later, the boy became a new sensation in Indian cinema.

Pebble (The Pebbles, Translated into English), BS Vinodraj’s first film, It was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars next year on behalf of India.

The 32-year-old filmmaker drew on his family’s struggle against poverty and his sister’s experience in family abuse.

“My experience in life made it difficult for me and helped me in this film. That kind of life became a film, ”Vinodraj told AFP.

The result was a play that Indian critics called a “masterpiece”. And a “Exciting introduction … it’s provocative, visceral and powerful.”

It won the Best Prize at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, and its jury said the effort was “a lesson in pure cinema” in its attempt to “look simple and straightforward”.

Vinodraj, many from poor backgrounds like himself, joins the growing movement of Tamil directors who express social concerns through common characters.

If he did not enter the festival round, the filmmaker intended to showcase Pebbles In filming communities with less than 40 actors and workers.

This introductory feature is the culmination of the young filmmaker’s long journey to the big screen. After the death of his father, he started selling flowers in Madurai at the age of nine to help the family. “A lot has happened in my life and all of this has prepared me for this,” he said.

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“I do not know English and I have no education. The journey of life taught me everything, they are the metaphors of the film, life is a journey ”, Announced.

Vinodraj transformed the city and the city in his childhood and youth.

At one point he was working for a textile company in Tirupur and saw that “many lives were ruined” by personal and financial problems.

“The journey of life has taught me everything, that is the metaphor of the film, life is a journey,” BS Vinodraj declared. Photo: – –

“Some got married very young and had to fight a lot,” he recalled. “All who wanted to express those struggles were with me.”

Simple stories

Believing that education would help him achieve his dream of becoming a filmmaker, he tried to go back to school, but was told that he was too old.

He moved to the state capital, Chennai, where he developed his cinematic knowledge by watching movies while working in a DVD store, before moving to work as an assistant in short films and theater.

While searching for ideas for his first film, Vinodraj’s sister came into the family home holding her two – year – old child in her arms and crying.

Her husband drove her out of the house and he had to walk 13km to reach his family. “I was in pain, wondering why life is a struggle. I realized I was in the cinema. That is my tool, I can talk about my pain through cinema. ”

In the film, the journey of father and son is told from the child’s point of view. The harsh rural environment of Tamil Nadu and the impact it has on the characters is central to the film.

The title comes from a word used by Tamils ​​to refer to mountains and pebbles. Rural people put it in their mouths to quench their thirst during long journeys.

“I am proud that this film won the Tiger Award (in Rotterdam) and represented India at the Oscars,” says Vinodraj.

His next project was also inspired by a family situation, and he says he wants to keep counting “Simple and honest stories about life.”