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A Chinese boy leaves in a whirlwind after pointing out factual errors in the planetarium's educational video

A Chinese boy leaves in a whirlwind after pointing out factual errors in the planetarium’s educational video

While exploring a planetarium in China, an 8-year-old boy was enraged when he discovered that an educational video about Long March rockets contained many errors.

On Saturday, Yan Hongsen and his father visited the planetarium in Lhasa, Tibet, an autonomous region in China. When approaching an educational film that was shown to visitors, Yan noticed that it contained many factual errors.

in video Posted on Weibo, Yan was seen angrily pointing out that the educational film misidentified the Long March 3 missile as Long March 3.

“What are they showing here! How can they call this Long March 5? This is Long March 3! ‘ said the boy angrily.

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The video has garnered more than 4.3 million views and 48,000 likes since it was uploaded on Monday.

Yan’s father explained that the 8-year-old has been excited about space since he was 4 years old after watching it”The launch of the Venezuelan Remote Sensing Satellite-2 at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. He often makes cardboard rocket models and allegedly teaches online lessons to other space enthusiasts.

He became interested in space science as a result of the rocket launch. “Because of space science, he fell in love with astronomy and military affairs,” Yan’s father said South China Morning Newspaper. “It is his strength that he can study in his spare time, even while eating, going to the bathroom, in the car or on the bus.”

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After the video went viral across Chinese social media, the Planetarium said they had received the comments and would take the advice “seriously”. They also thanked Yan for his corrections and stated that the errors would be reviewed immediately.

main picture: Weibo

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