March 30, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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A boat carrying illegal immigrants from India and China was intercepted in the Colombian Pacific

Bravo Ship Two, captured by the National Navy. Photo: National Navy.

The Colombian Navy He intercepted a boat carrying 21 foreigners through the Gulf good luckValle del Cauca, on the Pacific Ocean.

At the time of intercepting the ship, named “Bravo 2″, officials were able to verify that those transported were Asians, more specifically from India and China, and did not have the necessary documents to enter the country.

The crew members of Colombian nationality were placed in the custody of the relevant authorities as indicated by Lieutenant Commander Juan David Renton. Buenaventura Coast Guard Station. Likewise, the vessel was taken to the facilities of the National Navy and placed in the possession of foreigners. Colombian settlement Implement the relevant procedures and determine why they were on national territory.

In all, there were twelve India And nine China. It is worth noting that these two are the most populous countries in the world; In 2021, China’s population was around 1,412 million people, while India had 1,408 million people. This means that between them they make up a third of the world’s population.

The Colombian National Navy is in constant action, esp Pacific Ocean and the port of Buenaventura. This was confirmed when they were captured on February 25 at Naya River There was 300 kg of cocaine Farc opponents.

According to the statement of the authorities, the members Units of the Marine Corps They found a boat with three crew members They gathered in the Puerto Merizalte area and tried to escape when they noticed the presence of the authorities.

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Commander Infantry Brigade Colonel Domingo Cantillo, of Navy No.2, said: “The Colombian Navy was able to seize in an armed attempt to control the Naya River in the rural area of ​​Puerto Merizalde. The boat was found to contain 300 rectangular packages of cocaine.

When the ship was searched, the soldiers found 8 packages containing 300 kilograms of cocaine. In addition, the commander of the infantry brigade assured that, with the seizure, “we prevented more than 10 million dollars from entering the Structure 6 remaining organized armed group, to whom this cargo belongs,” he added.

In this way, the boat and the drugs were transferred to the port of Buenaventura, where the authorities carried out a preliminary identification test, which was positive for cocaine hydrochloride.

So far in 2023, the National Navy has seized 15,849 kilograms of cocaine in the Colombian Pacific.

It may be recalled that on Thursday, February 23, the National Army seized 189.7 kg of cocaine hydrochloride in a joint operation in the Caribbean Sea. Air Force. Through this, approximately 6.4 million dollars were prevented from entering the coffers of criminal organizations.

Additionally, on Tuesday, January 31, authorities seized 390 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride hidden in a container containing export goods.

These activities were led by units of the Navy along with members of the Navy National Police. According to the information, the confiscation of goods means a loss of 23 million dollars to companies involved in drug trafficking services.

Apparently, the seized material would belong to a drug trafficking structure associated with an organized crime group. Conquerors of SierraIt consists of criminal alliances within the ports and sea terminals of the United States and Europe.

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Cocaine hydrochloride was discovered in Santa Marta, where uniformed officers found 400 rectangular packages of the illegal substance inside some boxes. Bananas.