June 4, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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75 years after independence, Modi promises a “developed India”. World | T.W.

“In the coming years, we must focus on five promises,” the President proposed in his address to the nation from New Delhi’s Red Fort, “first,” with the goal of achieving 1,350 years of development in this country. Millions of people.

“Secondly, we must eradicate all traces of slavery; thirdly, we must be proud of our heritage; fourthly, we must focus on the strength of our unity; fifthly, we must fulfill the duties of citizens with integrity,” Modi said.

Against Corruption and Nepotism, “Mother of Democracy”

As India completes 75 years of independence from the British Empire, the President said the country is the “mother of democracy”.

“India has seen many ups and downs in the last 75 years, sorrows and achievements during these years. We faced natural calamities, wars and other problems, but unity in diversity became our guide,” he said.

Pointing out that corruption and nepotism are two of the “major challenges” facing the Asian country, the Prime Minister said respect for women is “an important pillar of India’s development”.

Modi hoisted India’s tricolor before thousands of people gathered in the capital’s old quarter, culminating in a call for all citizens of India to hang the national flag in every home in the country this year, amid assurances of law enforcement by the president.

The Prime Minister’s address to the nation from the Red Fort is one of the central events of India’s Independence Day, which is celebrated across the Asian nation with flag-raising, military events and folk activities.


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