March 30, 2023

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7 Indian Movies to Watch This Weekend

“RRR” He won Oscar For best theme song “Country Country”. For this reason, our leading film critic, JOSE ANTONIO VALDES PENAA tour of some of the most important films in India, a country that produces around 2,000 films a year.

1. Pather Panjali (1955)

The film was released in Cannes Film Festival. Your manager, Satyajit RayThe work opens a trilogy about the character of Abu, a child born in a very poor family in Bengal.

“Through his childlike appearance we learn the feelings of the adults around him; life, death, nature. A film heavily influenced by Italian neorealism. It won an award at Cannes and opened Indian cinema to the world.


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2. Mother India (1957)

In full color, the film is directed by Mehboob Khan MexicoAs recorded, Teresa lasted a year on a billboard at the theater.

“We live through the hardships of a woman who becomes a widow and has to raise her children as best she can. We talk about a portrait of rural India, a country that still maintains castes; The tough situations this woman faces.”


3. Salam Mumbai! (1988)

Mira Nair received the film Gold room (Best Introduction) can be seen at the Cannes Film Festival and in Mexico within the framework of the International Film Library Forum.

“The film has many things in common with ‘Los Olvidados’ written by Luis Buñuel. It tells the story of a few street kids, not actors, who are faced with figuring out life and need to survive. They start prostitution with one of the girls; other kids try to survive by selling tea on the streets. In Mumbai It shows us the ‘rough, tough’ side of many children who have to live on the streets”.


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4. Love on Demand (2013)

There is One of the most successful movies ever Internationally produced Indian cinema directed by Ritesh Patra.

“He tells us about a lonely man who, like a good office worker, gets to eat his ‘tupperware’, however, there is a mistake and he eats someone else’s food, his wife sends love letters into the house. . food “.


“Man begins to love this food that comes to him every day. It is a romantic comedy full of complications,” highlights our film critic.

5. Water (2005)

Director Deepa Mehta’s film is the culmination of a trilogy made up of ‘Earth’ and ‘Fire’.

“It tells a terrible story, very real; the number of women who marry men over 80 years of age at 14. In this case, the man dies a month later, and the woman is a widow, shaved, dressed in white, confined to a convent for the rest of her life. . . in this country. The film confronts the reality that millions of women live.


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6. White Tiger (2021)

A film by Ramin Bahrani tells the story of a mischievous adventurer who starts as a driver in a company and rises in society by cheating until he becomes a man. The leader of an organized crime group.

“A very ambitious film, action and comedy, nominated for an Oscar for adapted screenplay a few years ago.”


7. RRR (2022)

The director’s film HH RajamouliWinner for Best Song at the recent Oscars.

“It’s for show, for show. A three-hour film that follows two of the pioneers of the Indian revolution trying to free themselves from the British colonialists… Excitement, laughter and lots of singing and dancing. The film’s final sequence is a monumental number featuring the Oscar-winning song “Natu Nadu”, which has become a hit on social media.”


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