May 31, 2023

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6 killed in India due to toxic gas leak | News

A total of six people died due to the toxic gas leak in western India and another 25 were admitted to hospital.

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Twelve people have been killed in human trafficking in India

The victims were workers at a printing and dyeing factory in Surat, the western state of Gujarat.

The city’s fire chief, Basant Parikh, said 23 people were taken to a local hospital, seven of whom were in critical condition, although they remained stable.

Early this Thursday morning, when staff of the tanker truck poured a chemical into a drain near the factory, Barrick added that it may have “reacted with another product,” which released a cloud of toxic gas. .

Police confirmed that the poisonous gas came from a tanker dumping waste illegally near the scene. Similarly, the four involved have already been arrested but investigations are underway.

According to experts and the press, landslides, fires and industrial accidents in India are often caused by a lack of hazardous infrastructure and maintenance, as well as corruption, illegal practices and breach of procedures.

Recently, about 12 people died in an Asian country due to a gas leak from a chemical plant in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

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