June 8, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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26 people have been arrested in India for raping a girl

(CNN) – Indian police on Thursday arrested 26 people in connection with the rape of a 15-year-old girl.

The victim was first raped on January 29 this year in Dombivli, near Mumbai, Maharashtra, said Dinkar Mukne, a junior officer of the Mandapa police.

The rape was filmed and video was used to blackmail her again over the next eight months, Mukney said. Apparently, she was raped by a total of 33 assailants, including two teenagers, and the abuse continued until this week.

His family, who did not yet know what was going on – took the victim to the police station on Wednesday and lodged a complaint, Mukney told CNN on Friday.

Dombivli is a city in the neighboring state of Maharashtra, Mumbai.

Twenty-six people were arrested separately under the country’s Penal Code under the Child Protection Against Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO).

Dombivli police are still searching for the remaining seven accused.

A series of recent rapes

This incident is recent Rape case series and controversies They have terrorized the nation and re-exposed its continuing problem of sexual violence.

Two weeks ago, a woman She was raped in Mumbai He died of his injuries after fainting inside an open mini bus. Activists say the case bears a striking resemblance to the brutal gang rape and murder of a student in 2012, which provoked huge protests across the country.

And last month A 9 year old girl He was raped and murdered in the capital Delhi. Four people, including a Hindu cleric, have been charged with involvement in his death.

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Anger over the death of young women who have been raped 4:30

Deeply rooted gender inequality

Since the 2012 demonstrations demanding strong action and protection for millions of women, the government has introduced new laws and tougher penalties. But according to activists, the problem persists, triggered by difficulties in reporting, poor law enforcement of officials, deep gender inequality and caste discrimination.

The number of reported rapes has increased over the years, perhaps due to the increased outlook on the issue. More than 32,000 were registered in 2019, up from 25,000 in 2012. But many rapes go unrecorded, which means the actual number may be much higher.

A series of recent rapes in Mumbai prompted authorities to announce new measures. It was announced on September 14 that police would install security cells for women at all police stations in the city and patrol vehicles at hotspots where crimes against women take place.

Other measures include the creation of a list of sex offenders prior to five years and the need for officers to be trained in dealing with victims of sexual violence.