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247 All-American Pre-Season 1 esports team for 2022

247 All-American Pre-Season 1 esports team for 2022

Travis HunterDB, Jackson State
1st place in the ranking 247: 1st place overall, 1st place in the credit rating

The #1 player in the 2022 class is ready to start and immediately star in Jackson State. He envisions as a close back base and wide-impact receiver for the Tigers, a team that should be watching TV largely because of Hunter. If Hunter lives up to his big hype, he should challenge the FCS All-American Awards in his first year.

GQ HardawayDB, Cincinnati
Highest rank 247: No. 192 overall and No. 15 safe

Not long after that Ahmed Gardner He emerged as a real freshman and rose to the starting role in the middle of his first campaign. Hardaway could follow this path. Another long, skinny corner back for the Bearcats at 6-foot-3, 200-pound, Hardway worked pretty much with 2s this fall. But it will be very difficult to keep him out of the starting line-up for a long time. Those around the program see him as the future star.

Will JohnsonDB, Michigan
Ranked Top247: No. 35 overall, No. 4 CB

Johnson, the top player from Michigan State, promises to help the Wolverines right away. He had a solid spring as an early affiliate and continued at that level of play this fall. Might not start right away – Upperclassmen DJ Turner and green lemon You have the inside track – but Johnson will be at worst a third corner player on the field.

Royal StarksDB, Georgia
1st place in the standings 247: 4th place in the overall standings, 1st place for the athlete

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Starks came early to Georgia and has the makings of an early high school contributor looking to inject talent into safety. One of the best athletes overall in the 2022 class, Starks was actually a three-choice quadruped player who played both ways in high school. But the Starks’ returns this fall have been strong enough that he’s considered someone who will be a major contributor to Bulldogs — and fast.

Azaria ThomasDB, Florida
1st place in the ranking 247: 121st overall, 6th place for athletes

One of the top 100 DBs to sign with Florida in this tournament, Thomas quickly demonstrated himself as a playmaker since signing up early. This only lasted into fall camp where Thomas played big after big play. Like a few of the guys on this list, Thomas isn’t a lock to get started. But that will likely be his turn sometime this year. At worst for Florida, it’s an excellent choice as a corner turner who can create quick meals in groups.