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2 Punjabi gangsters among 5 arrested in Meninder Dhaliwal killing in Canada

2 Punjabi gangsters among 5 arrested in Canada’s Meinander Dhaliwal murder: The Tribune India

Tribune News Service

Gopenderjit Singh

Chandigarh, 26th July

On Tuesday, Whistler Police (Canada) announced the arrest of five people, including 24-year-old Gursmaran Sahuta and 20-year-old Tanveer Khach, in the murder of gangster Meinander Dhaliwal at the resort village of Whistler in British Columbia.

Police charged Gursmaran Sahuta and Tanvir Khach, both from Surrey, with first-degree murder.

Three others were arrested, along with Kach and Shota. The extent of their participation is still being determined. This investigation is still ongoing.

Meinander Dhaliwal and Satyendira Gill were killed on Sunday at the Whistler Village resort in British Columbia.

The incident was reported 10 days after the horrific similar killing of Repudhaman Singh Malik, who was acquitted of the charges of bombing an Air India plane.

The last two victims were shot in broad daylight while sitting in a car in a public place like Repudaman Malik, and as in that accident, a car was found burning nearby, according to media reports.

Dhaliwal, along with his brother Barinder, was on a list of six men, four of whom were of Indian origin, released by the Vancouver Police Department last year as “gangsters” who “pose a significant risk to the safety of the public.” .

“Our police intelligence leads us to believe that the individuals we have identified today may be targeted by members of a rival gang,” Police Chief Adam Palmer warned while posting their photos.

The Vancouver Sun reported that Dhaliwal was a member of a gang known as the “Brothers Keeper” (BK), while Gill was not known for his gang involvement.

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The newspaper’s website reported that Dhaliwal’s brother was killed last year in April.

CTV said the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) has confirmed that Dhaliwal and Gill have been targeted and that the shooting is linked to an ongoing gang conflict in the British Columbia region, which includes Vancouver.