March 21, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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″ The head of the world’s largest family with 39 wives dies in India | Today | DW

The 76-year-old man, who has 39 wives and 94 children and is said to be the head of the world’s largest family, has died in northeastern India, his home state chief has said.

Giona Sana, the head of the local Christian sect that allows polygamy, passed away this Sunday (06/14/2021), Mizoram Chief Minister and one name bearer Joramdanga said in a tweet.

With a total of 167 members, the family is the largest in the world, according to local media, depending on whether the grandchildren are counted, of whom Giona is 33.

Devotees oppose burying their leader

Sana, who was suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes at a private hospital near Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram state, died on Sunday, doctors said. But devotees of the sect, which has about 3,000 followers, opposed the burial of their leader on Monday.

“His body is still warm, we can feel his pulse, there are no signs of severe Mortis, and (therefore) we believe it is unfair to bury our leader under these observations,” said Jaithankumma, secretary of the council founded by SANA. , Said in a statement.

Siona Sana (left) is having lunch with her wives at their home in Baghdang village.

Sonundari, one of the daughters of the father of this massive family, told Efe that the decision on her funeral is in the hands of the community.

“He is the father of hundreds, but he is followed by thousands, so the elders of the church will decide where, when, and how their funeral will be celebrated,” he said. According to Sonundari, burial can take up to a week.

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Local celebrity status

Sanaa, 76, was married to his first wife, Jatiyangi, in 1959, when his last marriage took place in 2004.

The leader of the Christian sect founded by his grandfather, he eventually gained local celebrity status.

Swan Thar Run or the residence of the new generation.

“Swan Thar Run” or the residence of the new generation.

His residence in the village of Baghdad turned into a tourist attraction with a large four-storey house called “Chuan Thar Run” or the new generation residence currently occupied by 162 people.

“Its city in Mizoram and Baghdad has become a major tourist destination because of the family. Relax in peace!” The head of government of the region, Joramdanga, wrote on Twitter.

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