January 29, 2022

Great Indian Mutiny

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கோவிட் -19 | The flight from Italy to India with more than 120 positives was a super spread of the corona virus | Omigron | Milan | Amritsar | The world

A charter flight from Bound Is being investigated by Asian authorities. 125 positive passengers were found on the plane , Despite leaving Europe with negative credentials for the virus.

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A charter flight from Italy landed at Amritsar Airport with 179 passengers (…) 160 of them were checked in on arrival and 125 were positively tested.“The International Airport Terminal’s Office told EFE.

In this group, an official of Sri Guru Ram Das Ji Airport in Amritsar in the northern state of Punjab explained that 19 passengers were exempted from the test because they were children and asked not to mention their names.

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Although all the passengers had submitted negative certificates, they were subjected to further checks as soon as they arrived at the airport as per the protocol established by the Indian authorities.

Necessary steps have been taken“The specific office in this regard added that a procedure has been initiated from the airport to determine if there is any failure in the protocol.

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125 passengers were sent to Amritsar Hospital yesterday for treatment and isolation.

Dozens of people are protesting against the retention of passengers, in favor of a conspiracy or error by airport officials to spread the images on social networks.

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A further 35 passengers, whose results were negative, were able to escape institutional isolation despite being monitored by authorities.

Today, many Indian media outlets have reported the news LeakageThirteen of the passengers were being held at medical centers, Which has sparked new actions by the authorities.

If they do not return in the morning we will publish their photos in the newspaperAmritsar Deputy Commissioner Gurpreet Singh Kehra warned in a statement to NDTV.

India has experienced 117,100 new cases in the last 24 hours, the biggest increase in seven months, experiencing a new wave of corona virus infections.

In India, 302 people have died of corona virus in the last 24 hours and 483,178 in two years.

According to the criteria

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